Gracias a esta herramienta facilitamos la creación de documentos en línea que posteriormente pueden ser firmados, encriptados y registrados en una blockchain, todo ello siguiendo protocolos y estándares internacionales.


Advanced Electronic Signature

We use the FIEL to give validity and legal certainty to the contents that require it.

Validation Sheet

We add a sheet that is used to quickly validate the document in digital and offline media.

Cryptographic functions

We use cryptographic functions created by the NSA and used by the US government as FIPS.


We register the files in a Blockchain that is validated by more than 1 million users at a time.


Stop using paper in your company, which in addition to polluting, slows down your processes and requires a high maintenance cost.

Take advantage of the advantages that digitization offers you:

  • Saving of time and speed of access in the search of the files.
    Less impact on the environment by consuming less paper.
    Your documents anywhere and at any time just one click away.
    Sign contracts from anywhere in the world in a completely secure way.
    Low maintenance cost in your files.

Eliminates Disadvantages Given By Using Digital Documentation.
Immutable and Infalsifiable Documents.
No Special Hardware Requirements.
Easy-to-use platform does not require additional training.


Do you want to see an example of our operation? upload a document here.
(This model only supports documents with a maximum size of 75kb, a larger size will be rejected)